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The Museum offers on a daily basis sports educational activities for all age groups in Schools, Sports teams, Academies of Sports Clubs etc.

The children engage in various sportsat the facilities of the new sports center of YMCA, are supervised by coaches of YMCA, discover their athletic skills, and get to know the concept of fair play, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

In this context, the Museum hosts on a daily basis students, who:

  • learn the history of basketball, from its inspiration in America and its introduction to Greece by YMCA, until present day.
  • get in touch with the first equipment of the sport and the old basketball court.
  • admire old medals and diplomas.
  • observe the evolution of the jerseys and the basketball shoes.
  • see modern personal items of great Greek players.
  • engage in sports activities at the facilities of the new sports center of YMCA.
  • are supervised by YMCA coaches.
  • discover their athletic skills.
  • get acquainted with the concept of noble rivalry, sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle.

For your participation in the programs of the Basket Museum, pre-arrangement is required!

Theodoroudi Eleutheria: 2310261210, 2316001000 (internal.4815, 4812),

email: [email protected]

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