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1923Under President Konstantinos Kyrtsis, the first outdoor basketball court in Greece is constructed on the grounds adjacent to the lot where the YMCA building stands today, before construction on the building itself had even began. At the same time, two volleyball courts and one tennis court were also constructed.
1930Work commences on the track facilities.
1934The track becomes operational, as does the indoor basketball court inside the YMCA building.
1945Under President Konstantinos Saratsis, the outdoor basketball court is moved to the north-west corner of the YMCA lot on N. Germanou street and it is equipped with lights and wooden bleachers.
During this time, the YMCA outdoor basketball court hosted:
  • Basketball championships between Thessaloniki teams
  • Panhellenic championships between mixed city teams
  • Night-time basketball tournaments
1956Under President Emmanuel Valagiannis, the reconstruction and extension of the outdoor basketball court bleachers commences, shaped like a horseshoe with an eventual capacity of 3,000 spectators. Also at this time, the court floor is coated with a special cork and tar mixture.
1961Under President Emmanuel Valagiannis, the construction of the bleachers on the Dangli street side is completed, followed by the installation of a 30” timekeeper and glass boards.
During this time, the YMCA outdoor basketball court hosted:
  • Legendary premier national league basketball games
  • European YMCA Basketball Championship
  • Pro wrestling matches
  • Gymnastics demonstrations
  • The first Greek Song Contest
1978Serious damage is caused by the strong earthquake, restored under President Dimitrios Zannas.
During this time, the YMCA outdoor basketball court is used for:
  • Basketball championships
  • Gymnastics demonstrations
  • Sports demonstrations (table tennis, weight lifting, gymnastics, etc.)
  • Volleyball games
1990Games on the outdoor basketball court are suspended, due to structural problems in the bleachers.
2002The outdoor court is demolished and the bleachers dismantled, under the plan for the reconstruction and utilization of the entire YMCA lot.
11-23-2002Under President Vasileios Papadimas, the foundations are laid for the YMCA SPORTS CENTER and construction begins.
2003-2006Under President Nikolaos Haratsaris, construction work on the new YMCA sports facilities continues and is completed.
19-2-2008 Under President Yiannis Eliadis, the YMCA Sports Center is delivered and commences operation. It includes basketball courts, volleyball courts, handball courts, table tennis hall, dance hall, athletes’ gym, locker rooms, sauna, personnel offices, athletes’ guest rooms, canteen, doctor’s office, and a conference room.
2013Under President Ioannis Sossidis, the judo – taekwondo dojos and the squash courts are completed and delivered for use, and the indoor gymnasium is constructed and equipped.
12-7-2013Dedication ceremony for the YMCA Sports Facilities.
12-8-2013 YMCA Basketball Museum inauguration ceremony.

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