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Στη Χ.Α.Ν.Θ. με ασφάλεια

Following the steps of Centaurs Kheiron

Project title: 

Following the steps of Centaurs Kheiron




The program “Following the steps of Centaurs Kheiron” was a Mediterranean youth exchange, a full outdoor program, which took place from 28 /09 /2009 to 07/ 09 /2009. The basic theme is enviromental education and responsibility. Through outdoor training and experiential learning the organisers want to inspire to the participants that each and every one of us has full responsibility for what is happening around us, including the situation of the enviroment. In this way we all can make a change and create a safe environment and a better world. The organisers of the program were from the Leadership Training School departement of the YMCA of Thessaloniki Greece. The participating countries were Italy, Malta & Lebanon. The whole program was taken place in the area of Pilion. Our group hosted at the YMCA camp, in Agios Giannis-Pilion and the schedule in general consisted of environmental training excursion, communication and cooperation with local people, voluntary work, workshops, lectures and project making for future planning.


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