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Στη Χ.Α.Ν.Θ. με ασφάλεια

Youth Mobilization - Cultural Heritage and Athletic Valorization

Project title: 

Youth Mobilization – Cultural Heritage and Athletic Valorization

Priority Axis:

1. Quality of Life

Area of Intervention:

1.2. Protection, Management & Promotion of the Cultural Resources

Lead Partner:

South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, Faculty of Public Health and Sports

Partner 2:

Young Men’s Christian Association – Thessaloniki




The overall objective of YMC(H)A project is to provide partners and others engaged in policy making on the promotion of sports as part of the cultural heritage with infrastructure and guidance on how to sustainably promote sports. Related sub-objectives are: (1) To raise awareness of current situation and initiatives designed to promote and protect sports. (2) To share good practice and existing experience among partners. (3) To develop cooperatively works (renovation and construction) and multimedia applications contributing to the promotion of sports. (4) To engage with a wider stakeholder network (5) To produce practical guidance for local and regional authorities and agencies across the EU Expected outputs: a sports Museum providing ICTs facilities; sports facilities renovated providing ICTs; publicity and information strategy; opening ceremony of the new Museum; educative seminar in museology; basketball tournament; conference in Greece “Basketball Nowadays”; a sport festival in Blagoevgrad; an international conference in Blagoevgrad for the presentation of the results of BIOMETRIC Centre renovation; voluntarism and social activities; final publication edited in bilingual version. Expected results: facilitate improving the quality of life by providing the infrastructure to protect and promote sports as cultural resources, rise cultural awareness and promote cooperation between the actors in the cross border area of Greece – Bulgaria. All activities will take place in two big cities (Blagoevgrad and Thessaloniki) of the participating countries, involving a great number of local, regional and national associations and organisations, individuals etc.

Project Details:

Call No: B2
Protocol No: 2565
Signature date of the Subsidy Contract: 20/3/2012
Subsidy Code: B2.12.02

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