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Στη Χ.Α.Ν.Θ. με ασφάλεια

Youth Mobilization - Cultural Heritage and Athletic Valorization

Project title: 

Enhancement and promotion of cultural activities and historical archive of YMCA


227.642,27 € (excluding VAT), 280.000,00 € (VAT included)


16 months

Process Assignment:

Open International


According to the National Reference Strategic Framework (NSRF), Greece’s position in information and communication technologies, compared both with the countries of EU-25 and around the world, is lower than desirable. The low starting point for new technologies is the main reason for the required “Digital Leap” in order to recover the lost time and to harness new information and communication technologies dynamically. The first General Objective was to improve ICT use to productivity. Rarely audiovisual documents, inseparable part of the cultural, social, economic and our political tradition, “marrying” with new technologies and create a modern electronic multimedia library with valuable information about all the projects presented to it. Over 5,000 photographs, more than 100 hours of video as well as rare material, digitized and are now available in digital visitors. In addition, YMCA through this project protect valuable audiovisual material from natural wear through digitization systems and procedures while adding value to this material through systematic electronic documentation. The second General Objective was the diffusion and promotion of digitization of historical file of YMCA (conferences, publications, etc.)


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